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Aktiva Wagon

The carcass wagon for pork and heavy pigs. Very easy to use.

The wagon is designed to transport dead animals out of the pigsties easy and without imposing any excessive strain on employees.

  • For moving dead sows / finishers
  • Manufactured in Denmark
  • Two models:
    AKTIVA 2002 (H: 175 cm)
    AKTIVA 3002 (H: 185/198 cm)
  • The pipe frame is hot galvanized
  • Plastic is PA6
  • Stainless steel coated in PA6 type plastic

AKTIVA 2002 - for finishers

  • Smaller pigs:
    Are dragged up on the wagon with the rope afterwards therope are locked in the cam clear.
  • Larger pigs:
    Are dragged up on the wagon with the rope inside the pigsty.
Width:60 cm
Height:175 cm
Weight:45 kg
Length at floor level:93 cm
Length in height:111 cm
Max. load: 600 kg
Pull: 800 kg
Heavy rubber wheel with 4 layers of canvas
Steel rims with needle bearing

AKTIVA 3002 - for sows

  • Triple rollers
  • Very hard-wearing
  • Two rollers on the floor, while the carcass is pulled over the third
  • Brakes available as extra equipment
  • New generation with nine improvements

Width:60 cm
Height: 185/198 cm
Weight:50 kg
Length at floor level:110 cm
Length in height:133 cm
Max. load:600 kg
Automatic holding break:holds loads in anygiven position
6 mm rope with a tensile strength 2300 kg
Ait-filled with 4 ply vulcanised rubber wheel
Covered bearings

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