VD6 Feed dispenser with flap

VD6 is our plastic feed dispenser for 60 mm system with capacity up to 6 liter.
The feed dispenser has our well-known release sysem with flap. The system can release feed with minimum force.
Simple design, but at the same time good functionality and a competitve price.

  • Capacity up to 6 l
  • Feed amount can be adjusted even with feed in the dispenser
  • 2 inspections lids
  • Extra lock function
  • Bottom hopper can be mounted in 4 positions
  • No bridging
  • Simple design
  • Competitive price

  • The feed dispenser has two inspection lids: at the top and the bottom.

    - The top lid allows easy additional nutritional supplements or medication as well as cleaning.

    - The bottom lid is located under the bottom flap and makes the feed dispenser extremely easy to clean.

  • The release system is combined with a slide allowing adjustment of the feed amount even when having feed in the dispenser.
  • The feed dispenser has an extra lock function which makes it possible to exclude a single specific dispenser from feeding.
  • The bottom part of the feed dispenser can be mounted in four positions / directions.

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