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ACO FUNKI delivers equipment for 800 sows to Osumi farm in Japan
August 2017

The Osumi farm is located in southern Japan close to Kirishima volcano at Kagoshima.

The farm has 2.000 sows with finishers, and ACO FUNKI delivers full-line equipment for 800 sows. The mating and gestation unit is already delivered as well as 2 weaner units. The farrowing and finisher pens together with another weaner section will be delivered in the nearest time.

The new weaner section has recently got its first inhabitants. The weaner pens are equipped with the smooth FunkiFlexpanels made of 35 mm PVC. Combined with the Flexcover and polymer concrete heating plates, it gives a clean look to the entire sedction and cozy environment for piglets.

For feed distribution, the customer has chosen our popular FunkiMat feeders. These feeders are known on the market for their functionality and durability.

For the mating and gestation sectionACO FUNKI has delivered Jumbo boxes. These boxes have special Duo-rear gates that provide easy access to the sow without opening the rear gate. In the front, the sows get the access to the polymer concretetroughs. The feed is distributed via VD2 feed dispensers.

The Osumi farm separates all the manure, so that it becomes to compost and water that can be led into nature.