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Sdr. Solsbæk Pig farm, Sæby, Denmark
March 2017

Sdr. Solsbæk pig farm in Sæby, Denmark, has invested in a new pig barn with modern energy solutions. The 2nd of March 2017, it was possible to visit the new barn at their Open House event.

ACO FUNKI has delivered FUNKI FLEX penning equipment, phase feeding systems with FunkiMat feeders as well as cast iron slats and sprinkling system.

FUNKI FLEX is our flexible penning system for weaner and finisher units. It is made of corrosion resistant materials, PVC and stainless steel; PVC board profiles are closed both above and below, and heavy base plates made of cast stainless steel or cast iron. FUNKI FLEX comes with height of 75 cm for weaners and 100 cm for finishers.



О компании

АКО ФУНКИ - ведущее в Европе инновативное датское предприятие с более чем 85-летним опытом, которое разрабатывает и производит полную линию оборудования для свиноводства. АКО ФУНКИ - это профессиональная компания, предоставляющая
полномасштабные проекты.

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