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Breeding Center Kauergaard
March 2018

The breeding center “Avlscenter Kauergaard” in Denmark is one of the places where Egebjerg’s product range has been fully represented since 2007.

Their setup consists of farrowing pens, mating, gestation stalls and weaner units with TUBE-O-MAT feeders as well as finisher penning for the gilts. The farm has won several awards for its excellent building design and for their breeding work.

The farm is excellently managed and all equipment looks proper, despite of the fact that some of the equipment has 10 years of operation.

Egebjerg farrowing crate

Mating Unit

Mating and gestation unit
INN-O-CORNER piglet nest

Drinking Cup

Egebjerg mating boxes
Free access boxes
Weaner unit with TUBE-O-MAT feeders